The New Years Resolution Box


Our first ever hand selected box. With complete tasting notes from our beer sommelier. Only 10 left – £20 delivered right away.

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Our first ever hand selected box. A collection of 6 drinks, chosen by our industry experts.

Designed as an introduction to the wide world of drink tasting we have picked 6 drinks that you are unlikely to have tried before, priced as the perfect Chritmas gift and themed around popular new years resolutions the Drinks Match New Years Resolution Box will open up a whole new world of drink tasting.

Each drink will come with tasting notes from our qualified team. An example of which can be found HERE

The tasting notes explain what you are drinking, why it was selected and what flavour profile you can expect. This will help you uderstand what sort of drinks you enjoy and how you can better pair beer and cider with different foods.

Everyone knows about the broad prices, ranges and flavours wine has to offer. Next year our mission is to start a revolution in knowledge, experiment and tasting.

We are also keen to support smaller and up and coming brewers and unqiue and small batch drinks. Keep up to date on this by visiting our blog.