Moor Beer, Bristol – Revival

Moor Beer, Bristol, UK (
Pale Ale
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Moor started in a barn in rural Somerset, by Justin, an LA native who came to Somerset via Germany and San Francisco. Moor were the first brewer to be accredited for putting “real ale” in a can. this means that secondary fermentation continues in the container, bringing a deeper more complex flavour to the beers. This beer is Suitable for Vegans, but may contain Gluten. Originally brewed to celebrate the revival of the brewery. I have been lucky enough to visit with the guys at the brewery and the attention to detail is astounding, as is their hospitality.


The light colour and creamy head seem at odds with the big aromas coming from this modern classic. Classic pale hops from the USA bring a pleasing citrus balance to the bitterness. The body and the flours drink like a much higher strength beer. yeasty esters and a light tingling left on the palate leave you wanting to drink Moor beer!

food pairings
A summer stew with beef and spring onions
Chilli covered Hotdogs with caramelised onions and thin salty fries