C/O/A/S/T IPA; A perfect alcohol free antidote to Dry January! – Avaliable now!



C/O/A/S/T, Edinburgh, Scotland (www.coastbeer.co)

Style: IPA

ABV: 0.0%

Serving Temp: 4-8°C

Points of Interest:

One of the UKs newest brewers, founded in 2019. C/O/A/S/T are on a mission to free us from bland and tasteless non-alcoholic beers. They are using modern brewing techniques and quality ingredients produce the best drinks they can. This beer is suitable for Vegans.


Pours bright yellow and thick as mango juice. The perfect carbonation for the style produces a thick white head that stays to the bottom of the glass. tropical fruits fly up your nose, with pineapple and lime prominent. these flavours are then delivers on the tongue with a mango sweetness. Wheat, Oats and Rye in the malt bill create a full mouthfeel that makes it almost unbelievable that there is no alcohol.

Food Pairing:

Perfect with a spicy curry, with the sweetness of the beer complimenting the heat. Also would go great with Asparagus or a juicy burger.

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