Why we started drinksmatch.com

Walk into any restaurant in the world along with the food menu you are offered a glace at the wine list. Wine pairing with food is as old as the Romans and the idea of being a wine somellier is something most are familiar with. However beer and other drinks are lagging behind the wine industry, which is interesting as there are a wider range of beers avaliable than any other drinks. We truly believe that there is a beer combination for everyone. For every meal you can pair a wine with, you can pair an equally good beer or cider.

Why not try a the dark Old Ford Export on our site with a dark rich stew or the delicious hopped cider with Fish and Chips (By the sea?)

The aim of us here at Drinks match is to introduce our customers to the wide world of drinks avaliable. Each drink has tasting notes written by an expert and we offer unique drinks match tasting evening to introduce you personally to what beer and brewing has to offer.

Each box is hand picked to offer a range of style and flavours and each drink is avaliable to buy after you have tried them. Meaning you will always have the right drinks matched with the right occassion.

Soon we want to offer larger packages for weddings, parties and events.

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